Thrill me - Thrill yourself

Some rules, please read first:

- NO video trading atm!!

- I do not buy or sell any audio/video

- Contact me in english or german

- Please be patient, give me a few days to respond and to upload the files

- I don´t accept e-mail attachments and 4shared links

- Links will be deleted after 3-4 weeks, when you need more time let me know

- Who started the trade send the links first

- You don´t have something from my wants? Write me anyway, I´m sure we can work something out

- Please send always your full list in the first message

- And of course: please be polite

- Thanks for reading!


Trade Ratio:

- 1 Audio = 1 Audio

- 1 Video = 1 Video

- 1 Video = 2 Audios

- what we have negotiated



Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.